It Looks Like Greg Hardy Changed His Twitter Bio To Say He’s ‘Innocent Until Proven Guilty’

Greg Hardy feature
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Let’s preface this by saying we’re not entirely sure how long this change was live. By the time we saw the original tweet about Greg Hardy’s bio and clicked over, it had been changed. So yes, there’s a chance this is an elaborate hoax (though we highly doubt it).

Anyway, the meat and potatoes of this is pretty straightforward. Some time Wednesday morning, Greg Hardy changed his Twitter bio to the following text:

“Innocent until proven guilty-lack of knowledge & information is just ignorance-the unjust/prejudicial treatment of diff categories of people is discrimination.”

Here’s the obligatory screencap…

For what it’s worth, and for the sake of accuracy, this is what Greg Hardy’s bio looks like now. The bio switched to lyrics from Tupac’s “Hail Mary.”

“Come with me Hail Mary Run quick see What do we have here now wana be my ride or die LA la la la la (SuperBlockParty)?”

Regardless of your feelings on Greg Hardy (and they’re likely strong), this is both remarkably stupid and incredibly tone deaf. To be clear, on July 15, 2014, a judge found Greg Hardy guilty of assault and communicating threats to Nicole Holder. He was given probation and a jail sentence. Prosecutors dropped charges only after Holder decided not to cooperate. The evidence in the case had not changed, and the photos had not been altered.

Is this the “lack of knowledge & information” Hardy is referring to?