Greg Olsen Wants To Give Acting A Try, And He’s Getting Help From Ben Schwartz

Greg Olsen is a huge part of the offense for the Carolina Panthers, but he’s tired of waiting for passes from Cam Newton. He wants to take the spotlight for himself, and he’s trying to find it in a new career: acting.

Olsen starred in a video with Jean-Ralphio himself — comedian Ben Schwartz — as Olsen prepares for an acting audition in Hollywood. Schwartz’s latest venture is the Ducktales reboot, which looks delightful, but he somehow found time while promoting that to help a struggling actor prepare for his big role.

There are lots of trust falls, and apparently the key to acting is showing your back and also your face to the camera at the same time. Seems tough.

The whole thing is silly, of course, but it does show that Olsen has some comedic range. He points out that he never looks into the lights at the stadium, but Schwartz promises that it’s essential to stare into the too-bright lights when you’re acting.

We also learn that Olsen’s middle name is Walter, though Schwartz would prefer he change it to “Ruloph,” and use his full name, Gregory. Gregory Ruloph. Hrm, that does feel right.

It looks like Olsen’s acting career is about to take off, so maybe the Panthers should invest at the tight end position soon. A career in Hollywood seems safer than the NFL at this point, anyway.