Halloween Baseball Is Officially October’s Best Kind Of Baseball

I mean, sure, the World Series is still going on, but does it involve a San Diego Chargers cheerleader hitting a home run and high-fiving the Jamaican bobsled team?

Welcome San Diego State University’s annual “Halloween contest,” a baseball game played entirely in costume, even if your costume keeps you from effectively playing baseball. Highlights include a double play involving both Buddy The Elf and Barack Obama, a man in a gorilla suit giving signs and the aforementioned Jamaican bobsled team trying to run the bases IN THE BOBSLED.

Via the YouTube description:

Members of the SDSU baseball team took part in the annual Halloween Baseball Contest and Game on Sunday afternoon at Tony Gwynn Stadium. The Red team beat the Black team, 5-3, in a four-inning affair. Players in costume ranging from Captain America to a Charger Girl to the Jamaican bobsled team made it a fun afternoon for all.

What’re the chances we could get the Red Sox and the Cardinals to say f*ck it and play game 6 like this?