Do You Hate What ESPN Has Become? Then You’re Going To Loathe ‘TMZ Sports’ On TV

If you’re one of the poor shmucks that reside in Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington DC, you’re probably already aware that there’s now a TMZ Sports television program. However, those of us that still live in Hickville, USA were still mostly unaware that everyone’s favorite ellipses-loving gossip monger website and TV show had produced a sports offspring, like a Gremlin that was fed after midnight. Sure enough, TMZ launched the TMZ Sports show earlier this month, and now there’s a good chance that they’re going to weaponize this disease and broadcast it nationally.

According to Awful Announcing, if TMZ Sports is successful in the markets that are already airing it, we can expect a nationwide rollout at some point in 2014. Is it set in stone? Fortunately, no. But is there a pretty good chance that the nightmarish void known as daytime TV could buy this crap up in syndication and air it daily? Of course. After all, TV is a medium defined by terrible decisions that are all made in the best interests of low cost and high profit.

As for what we can expect, if you’ve seen the regular TMZ show already, then you know it’s clips of the TMZ staff talking about random celebrity “news,” while an obnoxious voice narrates new stories by shouting at us. TMZ Sports will apparently be no different.

I’d really love to know who provides the voice for the TMZ show, because I’m pretty sure it’s Lucipher.