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If you have Comcast and you have the NFL Network on your subscription tier, say a little prayer tonight. At 11:59 Eastern Time tonight, Comcast will pull the plug on the NFL Network.

Comcast has asked the National Football League to continue the carriage under terms of the current contract. The NFL has refused and would like Comcast to place the channel on a general-interest tier that does not require viewers to pay the extra $7 a month. About two million people get Comcast’s sports package.

“Comcast wants to carry NFL Network, and we have offered to carry it under the terms of our current affiliation agreement while the litigation that the NFL brought against Comcast continues, but the NFL has not accepted our offer,” Comcast’s Sena Fitzmaurice said in a statement. “We believe our proposed extension is in the best interest of our customers and NFL fans so that they can continue to have the same access to the network that they now enjoy.”

The NFL’s demands on Comcast to make the NFL Network a Channel For The People while maintaining an exclusive relationship with DirecTV for out-of-market games could not be more hypocritical. And with the buzz surrounding the MLB network since it went live in January, the NFL would be hard-pressed to appear more greedy. And I don’t mean High Ticket Prices Greedy, because I get that. I’m talking We’re Gonna Squeeze Every Goddamn Dollar Out Of You That We Can Instead Of Working Toward A Mutually Beneficial Middle Ground Greedy. Even prostitutes are capable of negotiating reasonable terms. But I guess this is why the NFL decided on a commissioner that’s too cheap to even buy an entire suit.

|Philadelphia Enquirer, via GameOn|

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