Here’s How Much Justin Bieber And Floyd Mayweather Made It Rain At A Strip Club Over The Weekend

Here’s a fun thing that happened: Justin Bieber, with his BFF Floyd Mayweather in tow, partied without his shirt and pants on at a Texas strip club this past weekend. While making it rain, he made “inappropriate contact” with one of the lady dancers, Diamond, who’s been tweeting about the experience, beginning with, “@justinbieber Went The Fuk In Tonight !!” Next: “He Touched My Ass I Almost Fainted” followed by “He Was Like Its Real !!” and “I’ve Danced For A lot Of Celebrities And They Normally Don’t Phase Me But Justin just Had Me In Shock !” (Where’s my Pulitzer?)

Here’s Diamond…

And here’s a pic she tweeted showing of the stacks of cash Bieber and Mayweather dropped at the club.

I bet the Beebs makes the ladies dance to his own songs.

(Lead pic via Getty. Others via @1real_diamond)