Here's An Italian Baseball Team's Blackface Tribute To 'Major League.' No, You Read That Correctly.

Wait, sorry, I meant to type why the shit does this Italian baseball team’s tribute to Major League involve blackface.

Meet Crocetta Baseball Club, a group of likable Italian baseball guys who loved Major League and wanted to do a shot-for-shot remake of the Indians’ American Express commercial from the film. It starts off so well, too. I don’t know if the weird latent racism of Cleveland’s mascot gave them the wrong idea or what, but when it gets time for Willie Mays Hayes to slide into home plate he keeps sliding OFF A CLIFF AND INTO SPACE WHAT ARE YOU DOING ITALIAN BASEBALL TEAM

I don’t think Willie Hayes being black was the major point of his existence, but … well, what do I know? Here’s the commercial, now officially the Swing Time of baseball commercials:

JUST a bit outside.

h/t Deadspin