Here’s The NHL Dude Bro That’s Dating Elin Nordegren’s Giant Pile Of Money

I watched Goon last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it in a “Yeah, this is bad but it’s still charming” kind of way, so I’m in the mood to carry over that joy for a real life goon like San Jose Sharks defenseman Douglas Murray (above, showing us the denim goods). In what can only be considered the most important hockey news of the year, Murray has been seen canoodling with Tiger Woods’ ex-wife Elin Nordegren. And my sources tell me that she is attractive and wealthy.

According to every gossip site this side of the Scandinavian fjord, the two Swedes were spotted getting all up in each other’s fjaces at a night club recently, as they apparently met thanks to their mutual Swede friend Jesper Parnevik. It’s interesting that Nordegren would allow Parnevik to play matchmaker again after his last introduction, but that also netted her $150 million, so maybe he knows what he’s doing.

As for the rumors, Murray is going to headbutt them all away.

“We are only friends,” Murray told Expressen. “We are not dating and we have never dated. We have friends in common and we have only known each other for a couple of weeks.”

Couple or not, one thing is becoming clear: Nordegren has a thing for well-educated athletes. Woods of course attended Stanford, while Murray played hockey at Cornell. (Via the USA Today)

Does she like decently-educated bloggers? Because, if so, I am the guy with basic writing and photoshopping capabilities for her. As for Murray, I don’t much about him, other than he holds the franchise record for most hits in a game, but he does have a Tumblr dedicated to him, so let’s see what we can learn.

In fairness to Murray, I suppose the guy cleans up well.

And he’s apparently no slouch with the ladies.

But he also wears white sunglasses, so I’m ultimately concerned about Ms. Nordegren’s taste.