Watch This Hero Get Into A Fistfight With A Kangaroo To Protect His Dog

People do crazy things to show how much they love their dog. They will shower them with love, spend tons of money, and not get mad when they go to the bathroom on the carpet just because there is an incredible bond between dogs and humans.

Sometimes, people throw hands because of how much they love their dog. This dude got into a fight because his dog was in danger. The fight was with a kangaroo. It was amazing and the dude who got into the tussle is the best.

The kangaroo was chilling out with the dog. It looked like it was a totally cool friendship between two members of the animal kingdom, but the dog’s owner was worried about a house pet and a non-domesticated mingling. So he jumped into action by running over to the kangaroo and the dog.

Our four-legged friend got away from the kangaroo, which then stood up on its back legs. At this point, time to throw down. The kangaroo hopped around while the dude got his hands up and prepared to fight. He threw a punch, a monstrous right hook that left the creature stunned. The kangaroo threw its hands up, the dude backed up, and the fight was over. One punch and it was over. The fight of a lifetime came to an abrupt end because the human threw a haymaker. It was wonderful.

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