Hey, Remember That Whole Thing About Katherine Webb Wanting Her Privacy?

If I’ve learned anything from my decades of dating pop stars, actresses and models, it’s that there is always an agenda. For example, my last girlfriend, a Victoria’s Secret model, used to say things like, “Leave me alone” and “I’ve never met you” and “Seriously, my boyfriend is going to kick your ass”, and I knew that it was just her way of saying, “Please send me more collages of us with baby animals”. That’s why when Miss Alabama USA and girlfriend of that guy whose team won something earlier this week, Katherine Webb, suddenly canceled her TV appearances and changed her phone number, we knew there had to be a little more to the story.

Especially with this wacky bro involved.

Additionally, everyone should know by now that when you Tweet something on the Twitters and then delete it, it’s never gone. NEVER. Someone always has a copy of that Tweet, no matter how fast you think you were. And someone indeed grabbed a copy of a long-since-deleted Tweet from Webb yesterday that kind of negates all that privacy stuff…

In fairness, it’s possible that she just deletedededed it because she misspelled blessed, but let’s not take this away from the conspiracy theorists.

It’s not clear if the photo shoot is for a story about her instant celebrity status after Brent Musburger complimented her on her looks during ESPN’s coverage of the BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame last Monday.

Or, could it be that Webb might be appearing in an upcoming Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition? (Via Speleb and Awful Announcing)

I still think it’s pretty hilarious that in the days since the Alabama Crimson Tide won yet another BCS National Championship, people are talking more about how QB AJ McCarron is allegedly jealous of the attention that his girlfriend is receiving than anything else. Trust me, I’d rather be talking about how funny it was when ‘Bama’s center Barrett Jones got fed up with McCarron’s antics late in the game, but like I said yesterday, this Webb story is only going to get more interesting with Donald Trump involved.

In fact, here are my hypothetical gambling lines for what I predict for Webb in 2013:

Webb wins Miss USA in June – Even

Webb is a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice – 2:1

Webb loses Miss USA and Trump blames Obama – 5:1

Webb and McCarron break up and she becomes the next Bachelorette – 10:1

Webb gets her own E! reality show – 15:1

Webb starts dating Ryan Lochte because they met through E! – 20:1

Webb and Lochte get their own reality show called “Lochte’d In Love” about them trying to conceive – 30:1

Webb dumps McCarron after she wins Miss USA, Celebrity Apprentice, Miss Universe and stars as The Bachelorette, causing Alabama to lose 5 games next season and Nick Saban’s daughter beats her up – 50:1

Man, that got dark fast.