How Can eSports Develop Compelling Stories From The Ground Up?

04.14.17 11 months ago


In March, Blizzard hosted its highly successful foray into college eSports with Heroes of the Dorm, it’s own take on the March Madness tournament. Now, the massive company is continuing to pull out all stops to make sure its the providing the best possible platform for pro eSports with the Heroes of the Storm Global Championship — a league created from the ground up to celebrate and build stars and history around their game.

We discussed the challenges of building and maintaining a young and growing e-league, as well as what the future holds for eSports with Blizzard’s Sam Braithwaite.

What are some of the challenges keeping the audience engaged to some iteration of the game that may have introduced say, six months ago while adding new characters and new maps?

I think what you’re bringing up isn’t an issue, but actually one of the things that make eSports and HoTS awesome. Something Heroes has that other games don’t have is new battlegrounds. I think it keeps it fresh. It keeps it exciting. It makes it really fun to watch because I think as a viewer, most people are already playing the game, so say you’re a fan, and you really like this specific battleground or you like this specific character, watching it played on a professional level is something that I think you look forward to.

In my opinion, I think that constant game development, changing things, adding in new features, only benefits that long-term stability of the game.

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