Hidden Talent MMA’s Shannon Ihrke Is A Ring Girl After Our Own Hearts

Much like a Bat Signal shining into the foggy night sky of the Internet, it’s rare that I would miss the resounding “DAT ASS” battle cry sent out by our friends at Cage Potato last night. The Tater Tweet in question drew my attention to a mixed martial arts outfit known as Hidden Talent MMA, which I had never heard of, and describes itself as such:

Hidden Talent MMA is a Northern Illinois Mixed Martial Arts organization showcasing some of the premier MMA talent in the Midwest. Up-and-coming fighters stack every card that Hidden Talent MMA hosts, all battling to answer one burning question; Who’s Next?

And “Who?” is a good question, because I’ve never heard of any of these guys. Alas, that’s why they call it Hidden Talent, because this promotion allows Average Andersons to walk in from the cold streets and hone their fighting skills so that they may one day become the next Johnny Hendricks, busting bros’ jaws with wicked left hooks and winning our hearts with impassioned cries for title shots.

Oh, and another really cool thing about Hidden Talent MMA? Ring girl Shannon Ihrke.

All that I know about Miss Ihrke is that she recently worked the ring at Hidden Talent’s Round 2 in Libertyville, Illinois, she’s a Maxim Hometown Hottie from Chicago, and she apparently (and very importantly) proclaims herself to be an “ass girl”. Other than that, she’s certainly a Hidden Talent, and I’m just going to go ahead and dub her With Leather’s Official No. 1 Rising Star Ring Girl, and while I don’t have an official Top 10 of MMA ring girls, per se, I’ll go ahead and say that she’s in the mix, with one of those orange arrows pointing up next to her name.

Brittney Palmer is obviously still No. 1, but today is Shannon’s day, because we are gentlemen or something sort of like that.