High School Coach Is Terrible Mentor

08.04.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

Tyrone Farrar was just your average high school basketball coach/security guard, with a loving wife and his 14-year old mistress. The 30-year old Lawrence, Massachusetts man is in a little bit of choppy water, though, as he was arrested yesterday for impaired driving, possession of a 9 mm handgun, and, you know, banging a 14-year old girl. But before you get all judgmental, they started sleeping together when she was 13 and he was 29, and she loves him. So it’s cool, right?

Farrar is being held on rape charges, as his criminally young lady friend told police and her mom that the two had been carrying on the affair since 2009, and that often they’d get together for a romp in his van down the street from her house. Because, you know, sometimes felonious underage infidelity requires real romance. But Farrar got sloppy, and his wife found out, so of course she left him and turned him into the cops…

She didn’t, did she, Boston Herald?

The girl said she “loves” Farrar, who is married, according to police. She told the cops she was angry at Farrar because his wife learned of the relationship and was sending her threatening text messages. Farrar’s wife could not be reached.

Lawrence Police Chief John Romero said Farrar had been transferred from Frost after charges of an improper relationship surfaced in December. Calls to Lawrence School Superintendent Mary Lou Bergeron were not returned.

The girl told police that Farrar was her mentor and that he had been coaching her in basketball for the past year. Asked for comment, Gino Auriemma said, “Sure, I guess that’s one way to do it.”

In this specific instance of their affair, Farrar had been driving around with the teenager to find $3 because he only had $82 and the hotel room they so desperately needed cost $85. Apparently a van can only take so much rocking before the cops, parents, wives and school system start knocking.

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