And Now, A High School Football Bounce Pass

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10.24.12 4 Comments

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There are a lot of factors at play when I’m deciding what to write about — whether or not the story will bring in traffic, whether or not I can approach the story with a unique perspective — but no modifier gives a story a bigger push onto With Leather than “Brandon couldn’t do this if you gave him 10,000 tries”. Enter: the bounce pass to hail mary.

The football bounce pass is among the rarest of the trick plays, and it was pulled off with peak accuracy by Fort Lauderdale Westminster Academy on the first play from scrimmage in their victory over Coral Springs Charter. It was a special play designed for Senior Night, and the only way it would’ve been better is if they’d brought brooms on to the field and curled that shit into the end zone.

Here’s a rundown of the play, courtesy of Prep Rally:

Traditional Westminster running back Spencer Saliba lined up as the team’s quarterback, taking a snap in the shotgun. As soon as Saliba got the ball from center he turned and fired a one-bounce pass that traveled directly to the team’s usual quarterback, Ray Sharp, who had lined up as one of the team’s receivers in a four-wide set to the left.

Sharp took his time with the ball, buying additional time for his receivers to break downfield. Then he unloaded a deep ball that traveled directly to wide out Andrew James, who began the play as a tight end on the right side of the team’s formation, then broke across the field deep.

From there, it was over-excited touchdown city for Westminster, all while Coral Springs Charter tried to figure out what had just happened.

Not in 100,000 tries. I’m pretty sure that if I tried to bounce pass a football it’d just hit the ground and stay there. I can barely bounce pass a basketball.

Well done, Fort Lauderdale Westminster. Now let’s see you put the ball under your shirt and tip-toe by the defenders like nothing’s happening.

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