A High School Football Player Had To Tackle His Own Teammate After An Interception

Football is a stressful game. There’s so much happening on the field all at once and it can be overwhelming to follow along with everything. That goes double for the players, who have their own individual roles but constantly need to remain aware of what’s happening around them. Someone could miss a block, a runner could break free, or maybe the ball comes loose on a fumble. The best players are able to take all this in and adjust with lightning quick decision-making.

And that was certainly needed in a California high school game., where one player needed to tackle his own teammate to save the game from complete disaster and the ultimate embarrassment: scoring on his own team.

This young athlete was in the perfect position for an interception, but when he caught it he was so out of sorts that he started to run the wrong way. Apparently he was so excited about the interception that he started to run the ball toward the end zone he was actually defending, and the other team was certainly not going to stop him.

Most of his teammates looked on stunned to see someone on their team making such a mistake. The opposing team followed him, but hung back in hopes that he would go score for them. One member of his team, Kha’Ron Thrower, made the correct play and tackled their own teammate. I’m pretty sure if you had told them before the game they were going to have to tackle someone on their own team they wouldn’t have guessed this being the reason why.

This is certainly embarrassing for this kid, but he’ll bounce back fine. Nobody will remember it if he gets another pick next week and takes that one the correct way for six.

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