A Two-Star Running Back Recruit May Have The Best Highlight Video In High School Football

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Hi hello, let’s talk about a high school football player’s recruiting video, which might be the most amazing thing to ever come out of this genre. Usually, watching highlight videos can be something of a chore, but I promise you, if you enjoy watching running backs with a little bit of beef on them just mash dudes, you are going to enjoy the next two minutes of your life.

Meet Devonte Lee, an Oklahoma City native who signed with the Nevada Wolf Pack during the 2017 Early Signing Period. Lee is a 2-star prospect, according to his 247Sports Composite rating, and is listed at 5’10 and 215 points.

The thing is, I have seen his highlight video, and after watching two minutes of his best moments on the field, I am convinced that this tremendous young man is a 19-star prospect who is 35 feet tall and 2,000 pounds of pure titanium. ROLL THE FOOTAGE.

There are so many things to love here. This kind of power is just tremendous, and I have no idea if this is one of those “he’s just bigger and stronger than everyone else” things. I also do not care because it’s very funny. As is his second highlight, where he hurdles a defensive back who tries to go low, then tabletops another poor child who went “I just saw my teammate go low, I’m going to try to go high maybe this will work out better oh god no this didn’t work at all.” Lee is then forced out of bounds because he is merciful and understands that the rest of the opposing players have to, like, go face their classmates on Monday.

We haven’t even gotten into his stiff arm, which is apparently the football equivalent of the boxing glove wall thing from Wipeout, or the fact that Lee lowering his shoulder is apparently the scariest thing in Oklahoma high school football. And according to 247Sports, Lee’s numbers back up his tape: he had 546 carries for 6,681 yards and 89 touchdowns in three years.

Please, Nevada, let him be your featured back from day one. I need Mountain West Ron Dayne in my life, carving up defenses on Saturday nights during 10:30 p.m. EST kicks.

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