02.29.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

Swedish garage rockers the Hives are touring North America, and their stop in Vancouver included some time on the ice against the Canucks:

[T]he photogenic fivesome… put a hockey challenge before three Swedish members of the NHL's Vancouver Canucks…

Somehow, amid the clattering of sticks, the swooshing of air, and the slicing of ice skates, the Hives managed to put up five against the highly-trained Canucks. But, alas, it would not be enough, as the professionals– though outnumbered– emerged with a 6-5 victory over their garage-rocking opponents.

Man, this is bringing up of all sorts of old memories for me.  The Hives part of the story takes me back to 2002, when the music world was abuzz over them, the White Stripes, the Strokes, and — to a comically undeserving extent — the Vines.  Meanwhile, the Canucks part of the story takes me back to… ummm… a previous life where I toiled in the icy purgatory of Canadia?


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