Hockey Fans Are Making Weird Requests About The Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff Run

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04.23.13 7 Comments

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t touched the Stanley Cup in 46 years. That’s not the worst of it — they haven’t touched the playoffs since 2004, when they went out in game 6 of round 2 in a 3-2 overtime loss to the Philadelphia Flyers. This year, the drought is over. Well, the playoffs one. We’re still a long way from the Stanley Cup. The Leafs are playoffs bound, and folks like CBC Sports are having fun pointing out how ridiculously different life is since that final, sad game 6:

You won’t see a photo of Belfour making a save in Game 6 posted on Instagram, because it was still six years away from being invented. In fact, Instagram started as an iPhone app, and the first-generation iPhone was still three years away from introduction.

No one has ever tweeted about a Leafs playoff game. Twitter was still almost two years away from launch when the Leafs were eliminated by the Flyers. (via CBC)

Hey, look, I can play: Nobody ever made a Vine video about a Leafs Stanley Cup win, because computers weren’t a thing in 1967. With Leather has never written about a Maple Leafs Cup victory because Brandon was still over a decade away from being born!

Anyway, Leafs fans are taking advantage of this playoffs miracle by getting out all the ridiculous questions, ideas and requests they’ve been holding inside since 2004. For example, have you ever wondered how far the International Space Station has traveled in orbit since then? SOMEBODY HAS.

If you’re more concerned with domestic (read: earthbound) Leafs playoffs matters, is currently featuring a petition to turn Toronto’s CN Tower into a goal light. No, seriously.

Question: How can we show the world just how big of fans we really are, while also paying our respects to the boys in blue who got us here, and uniting the entire city, allowing them a way of following along with what is sure the be a very exciting playoff run?


But seriously, imagine how incredible it would be to see The CN Tower Light up RED every time Toronto scored a goal! IT WOULD BE AMAZING!

As of this writing, 3,419 people think it’s a fantastic idea in a post-“afraid of everything that happens everywhere” world to take the largest object in the city and make it SUDDENLY FLASH RED LIGHTS that can only be seen by people who are not at or watching the hockey game it is responding to! Hell, if we’re gonna do that, attach 10,000 air horns to it and fire them off whenever the Leafs score a goal. Just terrify everyone in a 100 mile radius.

Idea: If the Maple Leafs win the Cup this year, we fire the CN Tower AT the International Space Station.

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