Holy Crap, The Karate Rap Exists

Earlier today, Uncle Vinnie over at FilmDrunk introduced us to a vintage film that is near and dear to my heart, Miami Connection, which is about an 80s rock band that moonlights as ninjas in order to clean up the streets of Orlando and its terrible cocaine trade. And yes, I’m so amazingly pissed that I didn’t write that film.

Well, intrepid commenter Ace Rimmer doubled down on the amazeballs with a music video entitled, “The Karate Rap.” Apparently this holy-sh*ttingly incredible video has already made the rounds for the past few months, but I hadn’t seen it until today, and you get the point – it’s awesome.

Created by David Seeger and his wife, Holly Whitsock Seeger, “The Karate Rap” is a reminder that the Mayan calendar should have ended in 1987.