Holy Moly This Fan's LeBron James Tattoo Is Just Way Too Much

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03.12.14 6 Comments

If you’re out and about in Miami and hoping to run into one of the many professional athletes who either play or live in beautiful South Florida, The Juice Spot is probably your best destination. After all, that’s where the Miami Heat’s biggest stars hang out thanks to the fact that Savannah James, wife of LeBron James, owns it. Naturally, James is often there and more than happy to take a quick pic with his fans before he returns to his diamond mansion in the heavens to prepare for his next game.

One very lucky fan happened to run into LeBron at the right time yesterday – or he probably had the joint staked out – because it gave him the opportunity to show off his tattoo to the man who calls himself The King, but should apparently change his nickname to GODDDDDDDDDDDDD. Seriously, this is a pretty extreme fan tat right here.

Just for poops and laughs, let’s see what some of LeBron’s Instagram followers thought about the tattoo.

Yeah, I’m kind of with them on this one.

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