Hope You Enjoyed Lunch, Here's An MMA Guy Breaking His Leg

Pro Wrestling Editor
03.06.12 3 Comments

Cagequest’s inaugural event took place last weekend in Lakewood, Washington, and if “make me vomit like seven times watching a guy’s leg snap at the bone and go all wonky” was their objective, they can consider the quest a success.

What you’re watching (or hopefully not watching) is fighter Justin Lee Fowler lifting opponent Bryan Jones Jr. up in a fireman’s carry and walking him to the middle of the ring. In a better world, he just kinda sets him down and they go out for milkshakes. In this one, Fowler slams Jones down leg-first and suddenly Ronda Rousey’s arm gymnastics don’t look so bad.

If you ask me, Fowler missed a great opportunity to stand over Jones’ body and pump his fists with the crowd chanting his name:

Now let’s see how Fowler would fare against Ogre from Revenge Of The Nerds.

[h/t Lobster Mobster, video via Cage Potato]

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