Texans Fans Went Wild When They Saw Brock Osweiler Got Benched For Tom Savage

Brock Osweiler is one of the few people who get to say they are good enough to play quarterback in the NFL. However, he hasn’t exactly lit the world on fire since signing a massive contract with the Houston Texans over the offseason.

After struggling for a while during the team’s game on Sunday against, Osweiler got benched for his backup, Tom Savage. Once Texans fans realized what was going on, they proceeded to lose their minds. It was so loud that the team actually had to tell fans to quiet down while they were huddled up before his first play.

Savage repaid the fans for their support, as his first drive under center featured this dime.

It was a gorgeous throw by Savage, and it led to the crowd going insane again. The drive didn’t end in any points, but that seemed like it didn’t matter to Houston fans, who were just excited to see someone other than Oswelier takins snaps.

(Via SB Nation)