12.19.09 8 years ago 3 Comments

Looks like $7,500 is the magic number for Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings.  Because he blew his load too soon and posted a celebratory tweet following last weekend’s double-OT victory over Portland, the NBA is bending Jennings over their knee for being a very, very naughty boy (rawr). Their policy is

Players cannot tweet during game time, defined as beginning 45 minutes before the game starts and ending after players have finished talking to the media following the

The NFL has a similar policy, and the rookie guard isn’t the first athlete to get a spanking over his 140-character musings.  Former Milwaukee Buck Charlie Villanueva, San Diego Charger Antonio Cromartie, and the infamous Chad Ocho Cinco of the Cincinatti Bengals have all come under fire for frivolously fingering their phones during game time.  Most notable is Larry Johnson’s gay slur tweet costing him a whopping $213K.

But the real travesty here isn’t that Jennings is being punished for being happy about a big W; nor is it that he has a big tattoo across his back that says “Young Money” (okay, that’s pretty tragic);  it’s that it “Looks like no Gucci and Louie for Xmas” for him.  Sadface!

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