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Oy. These are always my least favorite posts to write. University of Miami defensive lineman Bryan Pata was shot and killed last night. A future NFL draft pick and regarded as a warm personality around campus, Pata was 22. My most serious condolences go to the Pata family and the Miami community.

This is such bullshit. I'm supposed to be making fun of the Hurricanes for getting into brawls, facing felony charges, and sucking against Louisville. But I can't really get worked up to make jokes about a talented young person with a bright future dying tragically. That's just depressing.

But maybe, working together, we can solve this murder and bring the killer to justice. With Leather's Coral Gables correspondent "dosochonueve" writes,

I was able to acquire some footage from a security camera in the neighborhood where Pata lived. It's hard to make out but a shadowy figure that police believe to be the suspect can be seen crossing the street leaving the scene of the crime. If anyone has any information or can identify the man in the image please contact the authorities.

Hmmm… who owns guns, has a nasty temper, and lives in Miami? This is a real head-scratcher.

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