I Don't Know Why The Oregon Duck Is Parodying Ferris Bueller, But I Love It

Okay, that headline is technically a lie. The Oregon Duck — the best mascot in college sports, based solely on the fact that he parodied ‘Gangnam Style’ only days after it blew up, instead of waiting 6 months like everybody else — is aping the museum scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to promote THE DUCK KNOWS ART?, an Oregon football art contest.

If you got to spend an afternoon in an art museum with ersatz Donald Duck, how would you spend it? If you answered “by watching him destroy art and almost make out with 2013’s equivalent to Mia Sara,” you’ll love this. Video is below.

Hopefully this’ll spark its own ‘Gangnam Style’-style trend, and college mascots will start parodying John Hughes movies to promote stuff. I, for one, would like to see the Stanford Tree in some sort of Curly Sue situation. Bucky Badger defending himself with paint buckets a la Home Alone? Bevo as Bev-oven is right there.

[h/t to Throw The Flag]