08.09.07 11 years ago 29 Comments

Baron, Baron, Baron…  When it comes to good-looking, wealthy star athletes making horrible love life decisions, THIS is just one step below A-Rod cheating on his wife with a she-male stripper.

Tony [Parker]… introduced [Teri Hatcher] to a fellow NBA guard, the Golden State Warriors’ Baron Davis, 28, at the newlyweds’ reception on July 7… “Baron and Teri really hit it off,” said a friend of the TV beauty. “They talked and danced all night and had a great time. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other!”…

On July 24 [Teri and Baron] were spotted together again at the Hollywood eatery Pace, where they sat on the same side of a four-person table, “looking like a couple of love-struck teenagers!”

Gah, this is gonna ruin my day.  Teri Hatcher is 42.  Granted, she doesn't look 42.  She looks like C-3PO.  So I guess the pairing makes perfect sense, if you take into account that Baron Davis likes sex with robots.  Older, washed-up robots.  I just don't get it.  If he's that desperate, I could have introduced him to a used Cuisinart that's still in really good condition.


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