NFL Insider Ian Rapoport’s Report On Dez Bryant Joining The Saints Was Hilariously Interrupted By His Son

11.07.18 9 months ago

Working from home has its advantages. You can work in your bed sometimes! All your food is right there if you need to eat something. And the commute, buddy, the commute is a breeze.

But there are downsides to not having a true office to visit. Distractions are everywhere, and sometimes you just can’t get the peace and quiet you need to get the job done. That was certainly the case for Ian Rapoport on Wednesday, as the NFL Network contributor appeared on air to talk about Dez Bryant signing with the New Orleans Saints.

Bryant’s signing is big news for a team that hopes to make a Super Bowl run this year, and Rapoport had followed Bryant’s free agency in earnest. But when he tried to give his report during an NFL Network roundtable, he looked … distracted. That’s because his son, Jude, was home sick from school. So when a remote control appeared on screen and Rapoport looked away from the camera, well, we knew something fun was about to happen.

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