12.04.09 8 years ago 4 Comments

The UFL wrapped up his first season…actually, I don’t even know when the Las Vegas Locomotives won the inaugural UFL title. Because I didn’t care about this league. But I wanted to care. I wanted to give this league a chance, to celebrate another group of white guys dumb enough to think they could run a fall football league alongside the NFL and the NCAA. Instead, all I got was four crappy teams run with all the pageantry of an IRS audit.

Most damning was that the UFL did absolutely nothing to bring casual fans into the fold. Their publicity sucked. Their uniforms sucked. Their merchandise sucked. Their online presence–aside from streaming their games on their website, was non-existent. Where was the buzz, man? Where was the innovation? Who’s running the board of directors for this league? Stalin?

And yet the league is planning to expand…expanding to America, I hope. Because I’m not totally convinced that this league exists. Right now, it’s the Fake Moon Landing of sports, even if it is coming back for Year Two with more teams. Whether this league is financially healthy or not, it’s still a failure if you can’t cultivate anything from your fanbase other than bewilderment or apathy. Those traits don’t belong in sports. And they certainly don’t belong in Vegas.

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