In German Hockey, Elbows ‘ist gut’

11.01.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

Here’s a billboard promoting a German ice hockey team, and while I have a hard time condemning violence to sell stuff that I actually like, I really don’t get this ad. And is it bad that when I hear German anything, I immediately think of the Holocaust? I mean, yeah, BMWs are cool and that Claudia Schiffer’s still pretty hot, but nothing really overshadows the Holocaust. Look, we even capitalize it. It’s not a holocaust…eh, you get the idea.

So yeah…all of you living people are welcome to enjoy some on-ice action from the…if I can read the card here…the Hamburg Freezers. Oh, except for the ‘sissies’ out there, apparently. You’ll just have to stay home and play with your wienerschnitzel. Via Copyranter. Click to embiggen.

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