In Less Sad News, Here Is A Dancing Referee

Pro Wrestling Editor
09.01.11 2 Comments

entertaining football referee at TC Wolverines vs Corona youth football game

That … sort of describes it.

I also would’ve went with “weirdly muscular guy blows whistle and points indiscriminately while football players try to figure out what the hell is going on”. Something about his shorts make me uncomfortable. And yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s nothing worse than super muscular people who have no reason to be, like when Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” was suddenly jacked out of his mind.

Not much is known about this video (so I can’t answer the major questions, like “why is this guy doing this”, “who put one of the Village People in charge of high school football” or “are any of these calls accurate”), but it’s nice to occasionally report a story that reads “man makes youth sports fun” rather than “man makes kids work out in heat until they die” or “coach whips out his business at a Burger King”.

[h/t Guyism]

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