Indiana Fans Sang ‘Jingle Bells’ To Festively Distract An Opposing Free Throw Shooter

Once the calendar hits December, there is never a bad time to randomly break out into a holiday song, and students at Indiana University decided the best time to sing their favorite carol was during an Indiana basketball home game on Monday night against Alcorn State. As Braves’ guard Malachy Onwudiegwu was lining up to take free throws, you can hear the crowd bust into “Jingle Bells.”

Clearly, the IU fans were just trying to cheer the Alcorn State player up with some Christmas tunes, being that Indiana held a comfortable 68-44 lead in the second half, but Onwudiegwu was apparently not on the holiday spirit, as he missed both of his attempts.

Considering that Indiana has already lost two winnable games in Maui this season, and fans have already shown that they will chant mean things about Tom Crean at his son’s high school game, or during his daughter’s lecture class, I’m guessing that the Indiana head coach is extra excited for some holiday spirit-themed forgiveness this year.

(Via Yahoo Sports)