This Inspirational Young Cubs Fan Now Wears His Favorite Team’s Logo On His New Eyeball

Beckham Zobrist had to have his eye removed back in 2012 after being diagnosed with retinoblastoma. Although Beckham took in in stride, he began to be made fun of by other kids for only having one eye, so he begged his parents for a new one.

Unfortunately, a complete eye transplant wasn’t possible, so Zobrist had to settle for the next best thing. As WGN reports, the youngster asked and was given a Chicago Cubs prosthetic eye for Christmas by his parents, and that succeeded in shutting up the bullies in his first grade classroom.

To make it even better for the seven-year-old Cubbies fan, he got an opportunity to hang out with the team at Wrigley Field recently before a game, where he chatted with players like Anthony Rizzo and Kyle Schwarber, hung out in the dugout, and received a signed bat. Cubs bench coach Dave Martinez even called Zobrist his “idol.”

According to Beckham’s dad, the experience was such a great one for the cancer survivor, that it even topped his Make-A-Wish at Disney World. With the Cubs currently having the best record in baseball, perhaps he will get to show off his eye at the Cubs’ World Series parade this year, as well.

(Via WGN)