Introducing Ferret Legging, The Sport With The Goal Of Not Being Castrated By Rodents

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01.17.12 12 Comments

I have a ridiculous fascination with horrible things that people do to themselves in the name of sport. It’s a guilty pleasure, because it makes me feel better about myself that I don’t do ridiculous things like tie large objects to my testicles or try to bare-knuckle box a wild animal that is larger than me. And while I typically prefer to keep our discussions focused on more important topics like how attractive Kate Upton looked while hanging out with children at a rodeo, I just can’t ignore some of the incredibly stupid things that people do.

In this case, the sport in question is “Ferret Legging” and it involves grown men stuffing ferrets down their pants for the sake of endurance. During this time trial, the ferrets undoubtedly bite and scratch the man’s genitalia, but that’s the point of ferret legging – showing just how big and invincible your balls are. The sport apparently originated in England, but it’s also alive and well in the United States, as the people of Richmond, Virginia hold an annual ferret legging championship. Oh, and the world record is 5 hours and 33 minutes.

I checked out a bunch of sites to try to get a better idea of what it’s all about, and I was surprised that so many people were already fully aware of what ferret legging entails, and I was kind of embarrassed that I’d never heard of it before. But then I realized that Rick Reilly wrote a book with a whole chapter on ferret legging, so I’m relieved that I didn’t find out about it that way.

(Hat tip to Oddity Central.)

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