Is This The Gift Basket Derek Jeter Gave To One-Night Stands?

First off, let’s be real, this is probably fake. This is likely bogus as all hell but whatever, it’s Monday so let’s play along. A person has placed a Derek Jeter gift basket—the one he reportedly gave to women after sex—on San Francisco Craigslist.

It’s common knowledge that women get a basket full of gifts as a thank you for making love to Derek Jeter but I’ve never seen these baskets available as a collectable. I’m ready to part with mine. Derek was giving and generous and I’ve charished this basket for more than a decade. After I removed all the luxury items it’s been used to hold towels and fresh rolls of toilet paper.

This item is sold as is where is. I don’t have a c.o.a. but can describe every inch of Derek as a way of proof if needed.

Oh, so this person can describe “every inch” of Derek Jeter huh? Call me crazy but I think that’s a reference to his penis, gals. Anyway, you can have this lovely gift basket, presumably stained with Derek Jeter’s love juice, for the very low price of $1950.

That’s a bargain, really, a blue light special if I ever saw one.

Anyone want to go halfsies with me?

[Bryan Graham]