01.31.07 11 years ago 9 Comments

Apparently not realizing that his brilliant decision to hire (then fire) Larry Brown is the reason he's now the Knicks' coach, Isiah Thomas has turned to calling Phil Jackson pussy-whipped for staying in Los Angeles with his girlfriend, Lakers president Jeannie Buss, when he could have had the Knicks job.

Before last night's 99-94 Knick victory over Jackson's Lakers, Thomas yesterday called Jackson and Pat Riley "the two best in our business" – a clear dig at Brown. Thomas had a full-day interview with Jackson at Los Angeles International Airport 20 months ago. Thomas believes if it weren't for Lakers president Jeanie Buss, Jackson would have come to New York…

"I thought his interest was genuine," Thomas said. "I thought he always had a soft spot for the Knicks and this city. I thought he was close to coming. I think the situation in Los Angeles, the relationships he had, the home he made, it weighed heavily in his decision. Had he been younger, and a little bit freer and had not had as many ties in L.A., it could have been a different story."

Okay, so maybe Isiah didn't use the exact phrase "pussy-whipped." In fact, he was probably just giving a straightforward answer, and it's not really that big of a deal. But that's not satisfying for me. In my little world, Isiah Thomas is an idiotic dickhead, and it makes me happier to think of him blaming Jeannie Buss for his sucking as the coach of the Knicks.

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