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Police reports from last week’s overdose case that happened at Isiah Thomas’s home confirm that the man who received emergency care had stopped breathing.  The name of the patient is redacted from the report, but let’s be adults here: it was Isiah Thomas.  That may get me sued, but whatever, I’m just saying what’s completely obvious.

In the report, a police officer says he went to the former Knicks coach’s home… in response to a report of “[blank] not breathing.” “Upon my arrival I assisted [another officer] who was administering O2 to [blank] lying on the kitchen floor,” the report said…

Authorities have not publicly identified Thomas as the accidental overdose victim, but a person familiar with the case, speaking on condition of anonymity because the police report had not been released, confirmed to the AP that it was Thomas.

Would a little transparency here kill us?  What’s the big deal?  So he had an overdose.  Join the club.  Hell, I tried to drink myself to death last night, but you don’t see me lying to reporters and being all coy with police reports.  Man up.  Take a little pride in your suicide attempts.

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