It’s A Pretty Crappy Year To Be A Hogan

We’ve obviously known for quite some time that Hulk Hogan and his wife, Linda, had gone through a nasty divorce in 2009. But a few weeks ago, the St. Petersburg Times finally revealed the details of that divorce and holy hell Hogan got suplexed.

Details from the settlement show Linda Bollea received $7.44 million of the couple’s $10.41 million that was held in bank and investment accounts. Terry Bollea got the remaining $2.97 million.

They also agreed to sell all of their properties and Linda receives $3 million of all property sales first, and then they’ll split all profits after that. Additionally, Linda took a bunch of Hulk’s cars and she gets a nice chunk of his personal brand earnings. This deal is so bad that even the NBA owners are like, “Dammmmmmmmmn.”

And now the news gets even worse for the Hogan family, who are no strangers to courtrooms after they eventually settled with the family of John Graziano – the former marine who will spend the rest of his life being treated by nurses because Nick drives like an asshole – for what is rumored to be $5 million. So it’s only fitting that Nick is in trouble again because of his driving. A woman is suing Hogan because of injuries she incurred when the two were involved in a car accident two years ago. God, I hate when those injuries just sneak up on you.

According to TMZ:

According to court docs, the woman — Marcela Posada — claims she suffered pretty significant injuries to her body and her ride when the two collided on an LA freeway while Nick was driving home from a charity event.

Posada did not report any injuries when police arrived to the crash scene — but now, it seems she’s singing a different tune. According to the docs, Posada is demanding in excess of $25,000.

While I’m no legal expert, I asked Uproxx Chief Legal Expert and Doink the Clown Impersonator Danger Guerrero for his legal analysis and he sent me a crudely photoshopped nude photo of Mila Kunis. But I hope that Nick has to pay the woman, not because I think she’s not trying to milk a R-list celebrity for money for new breasts, but because he acts like this:

(Image via Celebslam)