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Strangely, the top baseball story is in Seattle, where Mariners manager Mike Hargrove announced his resignation just before the M's beat the Blue Jays 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth to complete a weekend sweep and extend their winning streak to 8 games. 

[Seattle GM Bill] Bavasi said that on a scale of one to 10 on being caught off-guard, Hargrove's departure was "an 11." Hargrove first told Bavasi of his intentions June 20, after a six-game losing streak. The two then agreed to wait and see if Hargrove's inability to muster motivation for the game continued for a couple of weeks.

Of course Bavasi is surprised.  He's incompetent.  But that's how good of a manager Mike Hargrove is: as his passion for the game waned, his team played its best baseball all season.  As if that wasn't mysterious enough, Jeff freakin Weaver allowed one run in eight innings to lower his ERA to 6.75, his 3rd consecutive quality start.

I don't like this.  Everything's going well.  Too well.  It feels like a trap.  The next Mariners headline you see will be Ichiro Stricken with Cancer

UPDATE: On the Show has all the (made-up) Mariner reactions. 

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