03.19.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

The Celtics snapped the Rockets' 22-game win streak (second-longest in NBA history, natch) last night with a 94-74 victory, and thank God for that.  The Rockets are nice and all, but they're not nearly interesting enough to write about every time they win.  I'd wake up every day ready to write about lesbian cheerleading scandals and be forced to write about the Rockets.  So with this over I can finally turn to what really matters: lesbian cheerleading scandals.  Umm, so if you know about any lesbian cheerleading scandals, I guess… let me know?

Oh, right: Celtics-Rockets.  Kevin Garnett (22/11) and Paul Pierce (20 points) led the way for the C's, and Leon Powe added 21 points in 20 minutes off the bench.  The rest of the game was the usual formula for Boston: stingy-as-fuck defense.

Elsewhere in the Association: Suns win 5th in a row… Lakers cough up big lead but hold on to win against Mavs… Nuggs follow up 168-point game with a defensive gem, allowing 136 against Detroit in a loss… Charles Barkley is still wearing mock turtlenecks.  What's that about?

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