It’s Funny Because People Actually Do That

01.21.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

We haven’t had much discussion about Onion’s SportsDome show, partly because I don’t really expect it to stay on the air for terribly long. Sports comedy is hard, partly because of people’s loyalty to their sport or team or favorite player, but also because it’s hard to make anything up that rivals what happens to these guys in real life. That’s why Drew and Mike deserve all the credit they get at KSK and then some.

And this…this is probably more offensive than funny. It’s worth nothing that these guys couldn’t get through a second show without a masturbation reference. Not complaining, though. Just like any of those other fringe sports, masturbation needs all the help it can get to find its way into the mainstream. Okay, actually I am complaining. Chronicling the dolphin-flogging of a tweenager? Ew.

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