Boston Bruins Announcer Joyously Sings ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ During A Fight

Boston Bruins play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards has earned his reputation as one of the wackiest broadcasters in all of sports. One of his annual shticks is to break into song during a broadcast around Christmas time. This year, though, Edwards may have outdone himself.

During Tuesday’s Bruins-Blues game in Boston, Tyler Randell and Ryan Reaves dropped the gloves for a third period fight as they tried to provide a spark in a scoreless game. As the fighters circled each other, Edwards found it the perfect opportunity to break into some Christmas cheer, singing “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” as two grown men readied to punch each other in the face. It was…odd. Then again, that’s right up Jack Edwards’ alley.

Shortly after the fight, the Blues managed to bury two goals on the Bruins en route to a 2-0 shutout, which was probably not the desired Christmas gift that Edwards had on his list this year.