Jack Hoffman Continues To Live the Baller College Football Star Lifestyle

7-year old brain cancer patient who ran for a 69-yard touchdown during the Nebraska Cornhuskers’ recent spring game. He’s been a celebrity ever since, getting his own Upper Deck card and hanging out (and assumedly talking health care reform) with President Obama. He’d be dating a Kardashian if … you know, he wasn’t 7.

Anyway, Jack’s latest moment of stardom occurred at the College World Series, an event that this year has already proven itself dangerous for children. Why is Jack Hoffman even at the College World Series, you might ask? For a very special reason.

Cameras surrounded Jack as he signed Team Jack T-shirts, the popular shirts used to raise funds for and promote awareness of pediatric brain cancer research through the Team Jack Foundation.

Reporters asked him and his father, Andy Hoffman, questions about the promotions and the amazing moments from meeting President Barack Obama to having his own trading card.

During the game, Jack appeared on the big screen. When he announced to the crowd “tomorrow is my last day of chemo,” fans erupted with one of the biggest rounds of applause of the night. (via


It’s unclear if finishing the chemotherapy will spell the end of his health problems. The tumor is inoperable and he will have follow-up MRIs for a significant period of time, his father said.

Jack Hoffman is too big of a star for you now, cancer. Go f**k yourself, cancer.

We wish you the best, Jack, and we’re gonna keep watching this video and sobbing from the tear ducts in our hearts at this video until you’re completely okay.