Jakeem Grant’s 90-Yard Reception Is One Of The Best Plays Of The College Football Season

10.31.15 2 years ago

Life must be easy for the quarterback when you’ve got a receiver like Jakeem Grant. It must be comforting knowing that any time you throw a simple five yard toss just to get off the goal line that there’s a chance that he can completely flip the field by evading every single player on the defense on his way to a 90-yard reception.

Grant performed such a feat today in the Red Raiders’ game against Oklahoma State, taking a play that started on their own three-yard line all the way across the field and back, turning several Cowboys’ defenders inside out along the way.

Honestly, if there’s any complaint at all on this play, its that he didn’t score. Even with two blockers on one defender as he approached the  OK State twenty-yard line, he was unable to see the hole that would have brought him to the promised land. Texas Tech scored a few plays later to make it 14-0, so all’s well that ends well.

At the half, Grant is leading the game with six receptions for 130 yards. As for Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech’s quarterback? He’s sitting pretty with 228 yards and three touchdowns at the half, with a hefty 90 of those yards coming on the strength of Jakeem Grant. The easy life indeed.

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