You Can Now Watch James Holzhauer’s Entire ‘Jeopardy!’ Tournament Of Champions Win Online

James Holzhauer won the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions on Friday, which is basically what everyone expected would happen when it was announced earlier in the year. If you missed it, the content overlords at the Jeopardy! YouTube page have you covered. The pro gambler from Las Vegas, Nevada bested 14 other former Jeopardy! champions in the tournament, culminating in a two-day final that did have a bit of drama in the game’s final question.

If you’ve been following our coverage over the last two weeks you know the strategy Holzhauer employs to great success. But what you’ve missed is actually seeing him in action. It’s fascinating to watch, which is why we’re lucky Jeopardy! decided to put up both episodes of the two-day final online.

The episodes are apparently only online for a week, so watch them while you can. Here’s Day 1 of the tournament’s final, where Holzhauer took a commanding lead with a strong round against Francois Barcomb and Emma Boettcher.

And here’s the second day, where Holzhauer hung on despite a great challenge from Boettcher.

Given the performance from Holzhauer in his four games on the stage and the general strength of the rest of the contestants, this Tournament of Champions will likely go down as one of the best in the show’s history. And it’s certainly worth remembering if you’re a fan of Holzhauer’s run. It’s unclear if he will be back playing Jeopardy! anytime soon, so you may as well watch while you still can.