Jared Allen On Bull Riding, Fatherhood And What Cam Newton Is Really Like Off The Field

06.20.17 10 months ago

Getty/Ralph Ordaz

Jared Allen doesn’t miss football. In fact, he’s too busy to even think about rushing the quarterback anymore. The former Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs defensive end played 12 seasons in the NFL, but these days he’s worried about bucking bulls and taking his kids to various sports practices.

We chatted with Allen about fatherhood, how he got into Professional Bull Riding and what it was like playing his final season with Cam Newton and the Super Bowl-bound Carolina Panthers.

I was reading about your post-playing days activities and found out you’ve really gotten involved with Professional Bull Riding. How did that come about?

I got into bull riding through my foundation. We look for different avenues to raise money and someone out of Minnesota approached me about donating a yearling bull to our foundation to raise money. And one thing led to another and I own bucking bulls and we’re doing business with PBR and then my competitive side took over so I wanted to have the best bulls and all that good stuff. So yeah, we’re having some fun with it.

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