Jared Verse Telling Former FSU Teammate Braden Fiske He’s Joining Him On The Rams Was The Best Moment Of The NFL Draft

The absolute best part of the NFL Draft is seeing guys react to the best news of their lives. More than anything else, the event is the culmination of everything that has gone into a football player’s career up to that point — all the tough practices, all the big games, everything that goes into being a great football player is done with the hopes that you’ll get to play in the NFL, and during one weekend in April, you take your biggest step in that journey.

Camera crews have gotten very, very good at capturing the most emotional moments from this weekend, and fortunately, the folks with the Los Angeles Rams were able to grab an incredibly special clip involving a pair of college teammates. The Rams selected Florida State edge rusher Jared Verse with the 19th overall pick, and on Day 2, the team traded up to acquire one of his college teammates, defensive tackle Braden Fiske. The phone call where Fiske learned about this, well, let’s just say it was special.

Verse showing up just in the nick of time to hop on the call and share this moment with Fiske (who he did seem to know was on the other line) was something really special, and seeing Fiske start to well up with tears made the moment even better. This is what the NFL Draft is all about.