Jay Cutler Had Zero Interest In Being Split Out Wide In Miami’s Wildcat Package

Jay Cutler did not expect to be playing football this season. The veteran signal caller was all set to spend the 2017 campaign making his debut in the broadcast booth for Fox, but due to an injury to Ryan Tannehill, he became the starting quarterback for the Miami Dolphins five weeks before the year kicked off.

As for how that’s worked out, well, it’s been kind of rough. The team is 1-2 and has scored 25 total points in three games, including a shutout loss to New Orleans on Sunday morning. The Dolphins turned the ball over once against the Saints, gained 186 yards of total offense, and had 11 first downs.

It was just a rough day all around for the offense, but if there’s good news, it’s that it had one moment that brought football fans joy. Sure, that moment happened because Cutler was so thoroughly disinterested in being split out wide in the wildcat that it was kind of hilarious, but it still happened.

Sure, there was zero reason to believe that Cutler was going to run a route or anything, but look at him stand there with his hands on his hips like he was watching a youth soccer game. He just posted up four yards behind the line of scrimmage and took it all in.

A more forgiving person may argue that Cutler hasn’t seen this look all that much, so he was trying to get a read on things since he’s still fairly new to the Dolphins. I would bet any sum of money that wasn’t what happened, but hey, you never know.