Jeez, Erin. Eyeshadow Much?

04.27.10 9 years ago 14 Comments

We really haven’t been covering “Dancing With The Stars” over here, in large part because Chad Ocho Cinco is better on Twitter than he is on TV, but also because watching people dancing pales in comparison to, well, watching a British guy limp around with an American accent or watching that guy from “Oz” rough people up. Nothing against that cast, even though Buzz Aldrin getting eliminated totally blew.

Anyway, we thought we’d check in with Erin Andrews, who did the ABC double-dip with an appearance on Kimmel after DWTS and…my word, missy. Did you get beat up backstage or are you on your way to a bank heist? That’s a sh*t-ton of eyeshadow, homegirl. You’re actually pretty; why do you feel the need to do that to yourself? That just leaves that much less hope for the rest of us. Video of Erin’s appearance is after the jump. via TBL.

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