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Jeff George has not been on an NFL roster since 2001. He’s 41 years old. And now he has a scouting tape circulating throughout the league that’s catching the eye of NFL and UFL scouts alike. It’s refreshing to see a burned-out quarterback that very clearly wants to play football in 2009.

The tape was created roughly three weeks ago, showing George throwing to incoming freshman at Illinois. We’re told that Illinois head coach Ron Zook was blown away by the performance, and he began beating the bushes to get George a second chance.

“I coached against him when I was in the National Football League, and he was out there just throwing the ball around and I was like, ‘Holy smokes.’ He looked like he did when I coached against him.. He was throwing the ball on the money. He can throw all the balls. He looks about 25 years old, and I was very impressed with where he is right now.” via, via.

The biggest obstacle facing George (besides the undying admiration of Jason Whitlock) is the fact that nobody in the NFL really liked him. That’s not really the kind of guy you want on your roster every Sunday, unless your scout team has the worst offensive line ever. After all, 41 is the new 31. At least that’s what my favorite 51-year-old prostitute keeps telling me.

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