Jeff Gillooly Drives Car Into Nancy Kerrigan’s Leg

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05.20.11 3 Comments

You might be asking yourself why I’m writing a blog post about former Olympic ice skater Nancy Kerrigan. “Why?” you might ask. “Why? Why?” Well, since you asked that many times, I’ll tell you. Nancy Kerrigan is every bit as important to 90s popular culture as Kurt Cobain or Nickelodeon Gak, so when she’s in a car accident it should be considered news. I mean, I guess it shouldn’t, but it’s pretty funny to think that Kerrigan is the protagonist in her own Final Destination and has been barely avoiding death for the last twenty years.

Via NBC Sports:

Kerrigan’s tire flew off of her Chevy Tahoe, and that tire nearly went through the windshield of a passing minivan. The driver of the other vehicle says she was bracing herself for the impact of that tire when Kerrigan’s vehicle hit the front of her minivan. Apparently Kerrigan’s tire had just been repaired before it flew off, forcing her car to swerve.

“We just had an accident. It’s a little shaken up…I’m glad everybody and the kids are okay. It’s scary…it’s a scary thing,” said Kerrigan.

Tonya Harding was supposed to be in that accident, but ended up sitting in a parked car in her driveway all day, crying about how her shoelaces won’t tie. In a less funny joke, Kerrigan was in the Wakefield Mass area to visit the trial of her brother Mark, who is facing manslaughter charges. I hope the court finds out he’s just Shawn Eckhardt in a fright wig.

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